Information for Prospective Students

If you're a prospective graduate student interested in becoming a part of PRiML, you should apply to either SEAS or the Wharton School. Submit the application for SEAS if you want admission to the Computer and Information Science Department, or submit the application for the Wharton School if you want admission to the Statistics Department. It may be helpful to consider the CIS program requirements or the Statistics program requirements during your application process. Also, check the Machine Learning Lunch Schedule if you're interested to see what paper discussions and talks are planned for the coming months.



  • CIS 520: Introduction to Machine Learning
  • CIS 530: Computational Linguistics
  • CIS 535: Introduction to Bioinformatics
  • CIS 536: Computational Biology
  • CIS 537: Biomedical Image Analysis
  • CIS 620T: Computational Learning Theory
  • CIS 620G: Probabilistic Graphical Models
  • CIS 630: Advanced Topics in Natural Language Processing



  • ESE 504: Introduction to Optimization Theory
  • ESE 530: Elements of Probability Theory and Random Processes
  • ESE 539: Neural Networks, Chaos, and Dynamics: Theory and Application
  • ESE 605: Modern Convex Optimization
  • ESE 674: Information Theory


  • MATH 512: Advanced Linear Algebra
  • MATH 580: Combinatorial Analysis and Graph Theory
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