The following are some representative research areas investigated by PRiML.upenn members:

Computational and statistical learning theory (Agarwal, Kearns, Rakhlin, A. Roth)

Fairness in machine learning (Kearns, A. Roth)

Machine learning in computational biology and bioinformatics (Agarwal, Barash, Jensen, Ungar)

Machine learning in computer vision (D. Roth, Shi)

Machine learning in natural language processing (D. Roth, Ungar)

Machine learning methods for ranking and choice modeling (Agarwal, Jensen)

Online learning, game-theoretic learning, multi-armed bandits (Agarwal, Guha, Kearns, Rakhlin, A. Roth, Vohra)

Optimization for machine learning (Hassani, Rakhlin, Ribeiro, Su)

Reinforcement learning (Eaton, Lee)